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An Integrated Approach:
Somatic, Emotional, Cognitive & Spiritual 

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The premise of my approach is a belief that all 4 pathways have their own wisdom:


Body Wisdom (somatic)  - this channel gives us cues as to when we need rest, action, intake, release, retreat, or connection.  It also gives us that gut intuition about something.  


Heart Wisdom (emotional) - this channel helps us ride the the wave of emotions, of exploring our shadows as well as our light, our pain and our resiliency.  It also reminds us of our truest desires and passions, the place where living fuels and nourishes us from being and doing what we love.  


Mind Wisdom (cognitive)  - this channel helps us access the logical and logistical information to evaluate, plan and manifest.  It also inspires innovation and creativity to new situations.  


Divine Inner Self (Spiritual)  - this channel helps us with the power of deep listening and witnessing.  It reminds us of our essence and of the inherited legacy of our ancestors.  It also helps us cultivate humility and perspective.  

Working on any one layer through bodywork; psychotherapy; energy healing; spiritual rituals; earth medicine etc can strengthen that pathway.  However, it is through the integration of these pathways that we transcend a linear individual healing process and make room for the real magic to come through, a healing that is also mutual, collective and not separate from that of our planet. 

When our body, heart, mind and divine self are all in alignment, magic begins to happen.  Our lives begin to make sense, our struggles awaken our light and we can embrace our place in the wheel of life with peace and humility.  

Whether you are in your 20's just beginning your life's dreams;  in your 50s taking inventory of the yet untapped potential; facing a big life transition or simply wanting to deepen your intuition, resiliency and life purpose, this modality helps you access your authentic self and breaks away the illusions so that you may manifest your full divine potential. 


You are already whole, healed and wise. In our work together, you will identify, witness, listen and befriend the parts of yourself that have gotten lost in order to rediscover the wellbeing, intuition and wisdom of your united and integrated self.

Offering you the opportunity to align your body, heart, mind and spirit to manifest your full divine potential. 

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