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Everyone has a unique song and dance to share with the world

Hello beautiful being, I'm Catherine

As a spiritual guide, my life's passion and mission are to help you reconnect with your soul and manifest your full divine potential.

I have been a space-holder for many years, but the roots of my work go back to childhood when I moved to the US at the tender age of 8.

I didn't speak a word of English, and after I finally learned the language, I struggled to learn the culture.  I was relentlessly bullied and felt disconnected and estranged from my identity.  The concept of "home" became confusing and painful, so I buried it in order to try and make sense of the new world I'd immigrated to.

Nearly two decades later, I was in graduate school for social work when I discovered I had a life-threatening parasitic disease and needed immediate abdominal surgery.  Perplexed by my condition, I began to investigate my symptoms.  I soon realized that there were many links between emotional traumas of my childhood, family and ancestral traumas and what I was experiencing in my body.

This revelation ignited a lifelong curiosity about how we hold the memory of trauma in our bodies.  I became fascinated by the mind-body connection, and the resilience that comes with trauma.

Since then, I've dedicated my work to helping people explore, heal and unify the pathways of experience that shape who they are.  My approach is grounded in a playful curiosity and deep humility about the meaning and purpose of life, and it's my greatest intention to help others discover and honor their truth in a non-dogmatic way.

I'm deeply passionate about helping people reconnect with the totality of their story, including culture, heritage and ancestors.  As a child immigrant myself, I know the pain of feeling disconnected from one's home - but also the magic and deep healing that is available through reconnecting with ancestral wisdom.  I've worked extensively with the LatinX community, and am wholeheartedly committed to showing up for immigrant populations.

Although my practice has evolved tremendously over time, my mission has remained the same:

To help people align with their internal world, return to their true spiritual essence, and experience their innate wholeness.

I founded Laya Yoga in 2005 with the goal of bringing together my 25 years of experience in various therapeutic modalities into one philosophy and integrated offering.

Today I combine my understanding of psychotherapy, ancestral healing, energy work, spiritual rituals, earth medicine and more to transcend a linear individual healing model to make room for a holistic multidisciplinary approach that honors the whole of one's being.


I'm Catherine Fixe Chapin, MSW, E-RYT 500 &

Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT)

My 25 years of experience as a body-centered therapist have led me to participate in some pretty incredible training programs and experiences including… 

  • Weekly drum journeys and holding of sacred altar with Degay Ernst | 2015 to present

  • Spiritual Traditions of the Andes | Marcela Pantigozo, Peru | 2014 to present

  • FSM - Frequency Specific Microcurrent | Shannon Goossen | 2021

  • Family Constellation Training - level 1,2 & 3 | Svagito Liebermeister, Spain | 2021-2022

  • SSP - Safe & Sound Protocol | Stephen Porges | 2021

  • Bach Flower Certification | Veronica Hidalgo Carle, Chile | 2020

  • Family Constellation Training | Angela Fontes, Mexico | 2020

  • Holistic Yoga TherapeuticsTM 300 Hour Yoga Alliance Training | Annie Adamson | 2017

  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy | 2013

  • EMDR Psychotherapy | 2010

  • MBSR - Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction | Kimberly Carson | 2010

  • International Association of Yoga Therapists Accredited Training | 2008

  • Trauma-Informed Yoga | Emerson & Van Der Kolk | 2007


As an immigrant, a deep respect for multicultural dynamics and ancestral wisdom are a natural (and non-negotiable) part of my work. All of my services are offered in English, Spanish and French.

An Integrated Approach:  Somatic, Emotional, Cognitive & Spiritual

For decades, I practiced as a mental health therapist and emotional expert working primarily with trauma. I focused on the connection between mind, body, and emotion, helping my clients reclaim ownership over their experience.


But over time, I couldn’t help but realize something huge was missing in my work. This marked the beginning of my extensive studies of spirituality and the soul.


I embarked on a journey of rediscovering my own unique song and dance and in time, it became clear that part of my purpose was to help others do the same. 


Embracing your full potential as a divine co-creator of your life starts with honoring the totality and true essence of who you are.

My approach now brings together the four pathways, or channels, of human experience: cognitive, somatic, emotional, and spiritual.


It is through a balanced integration of these four channels that a truly transformative alignment of mind, body, heart and spirit is born.

If you want to dive deeper into my world, these links lead the way...


Nervous System Reboot &

We store our emotions, energy and experiences in our bodies.


Learn how to integrate mindful movement, breathwork, chakra balancing and other nervous system regulation techniques into your daily life for greater ease and flow.


Ancestral Healing &
Family Constellation

Honoring and reconciling with your ancestors has the power to heal intergenerational wounds and change your role within the family blueprint.

By connecting with your lineage and heritage, you'll awaken a deeper understanding of your soul's purpose.


Altars &

Altars can be powerful places of healing and transformation.

Discover how you can use altars, ritual and ceremony to receive message, align with your inner wisdom, and build a relationship with your ancestors and spiritual guides


Energy Clearing &
Plant Allies

We are complex being with energy fields that can deeply influence our experience and environment.

Find out how you can overcome systemic blocks, create healthy boundaries and strengthen your energetic shield for optimal health and wellbeing


It's not to late to embrace your full potential

Together we'll illuminate your pathway home

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