• Honor your family tree and the four blood lines with compassion and humility;

  • Gain perspective and meaning of the journeys of your ancestors:

  •  Understand and reconcile your place in social justice issues;

  • Increase your awareness of the present moment while still honoring the past;

  • Experience plant medicine to support you, including flower essence, master plants etc;


Do you have some family trauma or patterns you would like to clear or re-negotiate?  

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and have the feeling your problems are so much bigger than you?

Are you struggling to stay connected to your family yet find the freedom to be you?

Are you wanting to reconcile with your ancestors around social justice issues?


An ancestral constellation ceremony can help.


Package Includes:  2 sessions (3-4 hours total)

1. Intention Setting - understanding how you feel ancestral patterns are impacting your current life.  Genogram - mapping out what you know about your family tree (90 minutes)

2. Ceremony using family constellation and altar work exploring a chosen theme in ONE of your blood lines.  (120 minutes)

Additional ceremonies exploring other blood lines or themes may be added for $222 per blood line. 

Benefits include:

  • Seeing and understanding the influence of our ancestors in our present lives;

  • Viewing the family as a constellation where you can feel and witness the relationships, alliances, loyalties, boundaries etc

  • Integrating the unsettled dead and excluded persons into the family constellation;

  • Gaining freedom from destructive family patterns:

  • Bringing forth the wisdom, resilience and gifts of our ancestors;

  • Embodying the strength of your family tree and yet the freedom to be yourself


Are you curious about plant medicine? 


Are you considering a ceremony with a master plant?  

Plants are some of our oldest relatives.  For centuries they have offered us medicine for the body and soul. This package is ideal to support you in discovering which plant medicine is calling you at this time and which frequency is best.  Different parts of the plant and different dosages may be needed (flower essence, essential oils, micro dose, ceremonial dose etc)  

Package Includes:  2 sessions (3-4 hours total)

1. A comprehensive intake and assessment to determine your goals/intentions as well as history of physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual layers of your being.


2. A ceremony at the altar with drum journey to connect with plant spirits and ask for their guidance.  This often includes guidance on which plants to take in preparation for a master plant ceremony as well as which plants can support in the integration of the experience.  

This ceremony does NOT include ingestion of master plant medicine.  Referrals to trained professionals is provided.  This package is about building a spiritual relationship with plants.

Benefits include:

  • A more cohesive process where you have clarity on how to prepare for a plant ceremony and then how to integrate the experience

  • A spiritual connection to the plant before you ingest or maybe discovering you can receive the medicine without ingesting

  • Taking the right plant and in the right frequency for YOU

Vibrational Flower Essence Potions


Suggested for when you want to connect to the ancestors and connect to their wisdom, and protection.  Helps with intergenerational healing and when you know you are carrying old family patterns.

Ingredients: borage, nasturtium, gentian, mallow, saguaro, angelica



Suggested for when you feel stuck in old patterns  or are struggling to make decisions or follow through to support your goals. Helps with letting go of the old and brining in the new.

Ingredients: cayenne, golden rod, wild oat, walnut, madia, star of Bethlehem



Suggested for when you are feeling anxiety or fear.  Supports the parasympathetic nervous system so you can slow down, pause and feel more ease.

Ingredients: rock water, cosmos, pine, white chestnut, calla lilly, red chestnut



Suggested for when you are feeling depressed, low energy or have lost your spark.  Helps bring you more energy and prepare you for movement and action.

Ingredients: sweet chestnut, tansy, cherry plum, yerba santa, hyssop, columbine



Suggested for when you give too much, have low self-esteem or lack boundaries in relationships.  Helps support a drawing in to discover and remember your true self.

Ingredients: clematis, buttercup, sunflower, rosemary, centaury, aspen



Suggested for when you want to connect with others, build community or share your gifts.


Ingredients: larch, larkspur, mullein, quacking grass, pomegranate

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