• Witness your life as a constellation of family members, energies and/or parts;

  • Honor your family tree and the four blood lines with compassion and humility;

  • Gain perspective and meaning of the journeys of your ancestors as well as your own:

  •  Reveal the unconscious dynamics contributing to your current issue





Do you have some family trauma or patterns you would like to clear or re-negotiate?  

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and have the feeling your problems are so much bigger than you?

Are you struggling to stay connected to your family yet find the freedom to be you?

Are you wanting to reconcile with your ancestors around social justice issues?

An ancestral constellation ceremony can help.

Package Includes:  2 sessions (3-4 hours total)

1. Intention Setting - understanding how you feel ancestral patterns are impacting your current life.  Genogram - mapping out what you know about your family tree (90 minutes)

2. Ceremony using family constellation and altar work exploring a chosen theme in ONE of your blood lines.  (120 minutes)

Additional ceremonies exploring other blood lines or themes may be added for $222 per blood line. 

Benefits include:

  • Seeing and understanding the influence of our ancestors in our present lives;

  • Viewing the family as a constellation where you can feel and witness the relationships, alliances, loyalties, boundaries etc

  • Integrating the unsettled dead and excluded persons into the family constellation;

  • Gaining freedom from destructive family patterns:

  • Bringing forth the wisdom, resilience and gifts of our ancestors;

  • Embodying the strength of your family tree and yet the freedom to be yourself





Do you want to explore a current issue with your mother or father or other family member?

Would you like to discover what is contributing to your illness or physical issues?


Are you seeking clarity around a job or business issue?

Are you and immigrant wanting to explore your identity and relationship to birth country?

Family constellation can help show you the unconscious energies at play.

This 60-90 minute session is an individual family constellation session using peg dolls, or dynamic embodied exercises. 

Benefits include:

  • Viewing your life as a constellation where you can feel and witness the relationships, alliances, loyalties, boundaries at play

  • Integrating the excluded energies, aspect of self or people back into the system;

  • Gaining new insights and freedom from destructive or stuck  patterns;

  • Bringing forth the wisdom, resilience and gifts;

  • Understand and reconcile your place in social justice issues;

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Would you like to experience the power of family constellation in a group?  

Together we will be healing as the healing of one is the healing of all. Whether you are the client, the representative or the witness, you will benefit from each of the constellations.

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Workshops are held in English and Spanish so please identify which language you prefer.

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