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Your body, your posture and your habitual movements represent the incarnation of who you are in any given moment. But how can mindful embodiment help you to represent your authentic self in the flesh and bone? I offer private yoga therapeutic sessions designed specifically for your needs.


Have you had a recent injury or surgery? Are you looking to enhance your physical strength, flexibility?  Are you anxious or depressed and looking for tools for regulating your nervous system?  Are you wanting to prevent injury from repetitive movements?

Through the exploration of breathing exercises, physical stretching, strengthening, mindfulness practices, self-massage, deep relaxation, meditation and visualization, you will gain a better understanding of your physical structure and the qualities you can embody.

Through work on this pathway, you can:

  • Promote a deeper awareness of your posture and movement patterns;

  • Re-discover functional and primal movement patterns that enhance your stamina and agility;

  • Bring harmony to your nervous system through stillness, movement and relaxation;

  • Balance stability and range of motion for specific areas of the body;

  • Connect the mind-body for whole body mapping and integrated movement;

  • Utilize optimal breath to move with more ease and fluidity;

  • Develop self-care strategies for you to practice

Absolutely no prior yoga experience needed.

PRICE - $125/hr

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