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  • Offer gratitude and honor for the gift of this life;

  • Gain perspective on the meaning and hidden treasures of life's most challenging situations;

  • Pause to feel the support and medicines of Mother Earth;

  • Develop rituals to honor ancestors, lineage and spiritual guides;

  • Listen and receive messages, wisdom and support 



Do you want the strength to face challenges with more peace and trust? 

Are you looking to discover the opportunities for growth, abundance and spiritual meaning in all of life's moments ? 


This option is an ideal choice for moments of transition such as:

birth of a child

during illness or difficult times


ending or beginnings of a relationship

dying process or loss of a loved one

Package includes:  2 sessions (3-4 hours total)

1.  Intake and assessment to determine your goals/intentions as well as important elements of the ceremony

2. A ceremony to connect to and receive support from spiritual guides and earth medicine



Are you looking to learn more about the power of an altar?

Are you curious about creating a personal altar unique to you and your heritage?

This is the perfect way to experience creating a personal altar. 

Experience the magic of your intuitive wisdom reflected in the altar you create.  Together we will reflect upon the symbols and placement of the altar items for a very personalized altar reading.  




Do you want to experience:

  • less fatigue and burnout

  • increased confidence and less imposter syndrome

  • greater flow and results with your clients

  • more unexpected magical moments?


These sessions are a wonderful option for mental health therapists or other professionals in the healing field who want to deepen their understanding of energy and intuition.

Topics may include:

Learning to clear your energy field from others

Deepening your ability to stay grounded and present in your unique way

Reading energy with your whole self

Exploring strategies and frameworks for promoting flow & healing

Strengthening your relationship with your intuition and guides

Befriending your limiting beliefs, resistance and fears

Discovering your unique gifts

It's not too late to embrace your potential

Together we'll illuminate your pathway home

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