Through work on this pathway you can:

  • Offer gratitude and honor for the gift of this life;

  • Gain perspective on the meaning and hidden treasures of life's most challenging situations;

  • Relearn how to respect and honor yourself with love and compassion;

  • Pause to feel the support and medicines of Mother Earth;

  • Co-create and manifest with intuition and deep listening;

  • Increase your awareness of the present moment while still honoring the past;

  • Develop rituals to honor ancestors, lineage and spiritual guides;

  • Listen and receive messages, wisdom and support from spirit guides.


Altars exist in almost every culture and spiritual tradition and religion.  Would you like to learn more about the magic of creating an altar?

If you'd like to learn more how a personal altar could support you in your journey, let's begin creating your personal altar together.

You will be supported in building and strengthening your personal dialogue with your own spiritual source. (No religious beliefs required). You will be invited to explore rituals, meditations, chants or prayers that speak to you and which support you in the manifestation of your light.

PRICE: $125/hr


Would you like to have an altar, spirit and/or the amazing love of your people hold your healing intentions?

Possible ceremonies and rituals include:

  • dying process or loss of a loved one

  • intergenerational family trauma

  • support during illness or difficult times

  • life transitions and rites of passage

  • forgiveness

  • ending or beginnings of a relationship

Ceremonies include any elements you choose including sound healing such as shamanic drumming, or rattle, crystal bowls, plant medicine, movement, song etc.  I often collaborate with other healers for this offering

PRICE: $125/hr

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Come experience the heart medicine of the wild and ancient Peruvian Chuncho cacao. We will be exploring the blossoming of the heart through shamanic drumming, movement, flower medicine and community.  Reach out to find out about upcoming ceremonies.

PRICE: $42


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