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It's not too late to embrace your potential.

Activate your inner wisdom. Awaken your soul's purpose.

Align with your highest self.

Together we'll plant seeds to ignite your intuition and illuminate your pathway home.

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Services are available in French, English & Spanish

It's time to honor your story.

Everyone has a unique song and dance to share with the world.

Every person's life unfolds in a way that is unique to them. Every significant event you experience leaves a trace. From mind to body to heart to spirit.  I strive to help you uncover, listen to and integrate the experiences that shape who you are...

And who you are meant to be.

Together we'll embark on a revelatory co-creative journey to help you tap into your intuition, ignite your inner wisdom, and illuminate your soul's purpose.


Hello Beautiful Soul, I'm Catherine

My life's passion and mission are to help you reconnect with your soul and manifest your full divine potential.

For 25 years, I've helped people explore, heal and unify the pathways of experience that shape who they are.  After a life-threatening condition left me needing surgery in graduate school, I realized that there were links between the emotional traumas of my childhood and what I was experiencing in my body.  This revelation kindled a lifelong curiosity about how the memory of trauma can show up in our lives.

I'm deeply passionate about helping people reconnect with the totality of their story, including culture, heritage and ancestors.  As a child immigrant myself, I know the pain of feeling disconnected from one's home - but also the magic and deep healing that is available through reconnecting with ancestral wisdom.  I've worked extensively with the LatinX community, and am wholeheartedly committed to showing up for immigrant populations.

Although my practice has evolved tremendously over time, my mission has remained the same:

To help people align with their internal world, return to their true spiritual essence and experience their innate wholeness.

Today I combine my understanding of psychotherapy, ancestral healing, energy work, spiritual rituals, earth medicine and more to transcend a linear individual healing model to make room for a holistic multidisciplinary approach that honors the whole of one's being.

As Seen On Psychology Today

When you're disconnected from your soul, it can unsettle every area of your life.

Physically, it can manifest in the form of an ailment or exhaustion...

Emotionally through anger, anxiety and avoidance...

Mentally through depression and imposter syndrome... and

Spiritually through deep unfulfillment.

Sometimes, it may not be obvious, but can show up as an underlying feeling that you're just not aligned with your full potential.

No matter your age, occupation or life experience....

True healing, empowerment and self-expression begin with an integration of your whole self - mind, body, heart, and spirit.  Your journey to feeling purposeful and complete requires that you witness the layers of your being and strengthen your connection to your intuition and inner world - your soul.

In our work together, you will identify, witness and befriend the parts of yourself that have been buried or lost in order to rediscover the wellbeing, intuition and wisdom of your soul's purpose

Because when you're fully connected to the inner light, wisdom and gifts that make you who you are...

Magical things happen

The tapestry of your story is astonishingly beautiful, ever-complex.... and full of wisdom waiting to be revealed.

This is your call to connect with your intuition and cultivate a deep knowing of who you truly are.

Through meditation, movement, mantra, ritual and ceremony, plant medicine, drum journeys, energy clearing, ancestral healing and other tools, I promise to meet you where you're at as I invite you on a journey of deep inner listening and remembrance.

Together, we'll embark on a co-creative journey and explore what comes up with curiosity, compassion and humility.

This isn't traditional therapy - it's a multidisciplinary approach to healing and empowerment through the gateway of the soul.  You'll walk away from this work with a profound awareness of your internal dialogue and resources for self-guidance you can carry into your everyday life.





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Photo Apr 03-3












La naturaleza cariñosa, amorosa y poderosa de Catherine, junto con su vasto conocimiento me han ayudado a encontrar mi paz interior.  Sé bien que tengo un largo camino por recorrer, pero ya no le tengo miedo al futuro porque tengo la guía de Catherine.


I have experienced drumming journeys with Catherine, sacred gatherings and ancestral healing and I recommend it all and more.  She is the real deal, connected and knows exactly what to say or have me do at the right moment. If you are feeling lost or just need a boost, please go see Catherine, you will not regret it!


Catherine has helped me to find a grounded center that I've been working hard to discover for a long time. Her powerful presence and somatic resourcing techniques have been a wonderful path to healing for me. The work we do together always ends up strengthening the work I do in weekly therapy.

Work With Me

I wholeheartedly believe that each and every person has a unique song and dance to share with the world.

I've made it my mission to help people uncover and stay true to their soul's purpose.... even as they navigate life's most challenging transitions.

You'll walk away from this work with....

  • Tools and resources to heal your body and the emotional patterns in it, unlocking greater ease and flow in your daily life.

  • A deep understanding of how to use altars, rituals and ceremony to connect to your ancestors and spiritual guides, heal intergenerational wounds, and change your role within the family blueprint.

  • An increased capacity to internally source safety, security and worthiness... giving you ownership over your experience.

  • A keen ability to tap into your intuition and make better decisions based on a deep awareness of your inner world.

  • A clear remembrance of your soul's innate wisdom so you can live from a place of purpose that rings true.

My sole aim is to help people establish a powerful connection to their authentic self.

Everything I do offers an invitation for deep listening.


It's not too late to embrace your potential

Together we'll illuminate your pathway home


Nervous System Reboot &

We store our emotions, energy and experiences in our bodies.


Learn how to integrate mindful movement, breathwork, chakra balancing and other nervous system regulation techniques into your daily life for greater ease and flow.


Ancestral Healing &
Family Constellation

Honoring and reconciling with your ancestors has the power to heal intergenerational wounds and change your role within the family blueprint.

By connecting with your lineage and heritage, you'll awaken a deeper understanding of your soul's purpose.


Altars &

Altars can be powerful places of healing and transformation.

Discover how you can use altars, ritual and ceremony to receive message, align with your inner wisdom, and build a relationship with your ancestors and spiritual guides


Energy Clearing & 
Plant Allies

We are complex being with energy fields that can deeply influence our experience and environment.

Find out how you can overcome systemic blocks, create healthy boundaries and strengthen your energetic shield for optimal health and wellbeing

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