Get the WHOLE you in its highest vibration so your mental neural network, your nervous system, your heart and your soul's purpose are ALL in alignment

Access the wisdom of your body, heart, mind and spirit working with Catherine. She is a mental health therapist, yoga therapist, energy worker and spiritual guide.

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Your body, your posture and your habitual movements represent the incarnation of who you are in any given moment. But how can mindful embodiment help you to represent your authentic self in the flesh and bone?


We are spiritual beings having a human experience and the universal truth of living in a mortal flesh body on planet earth unites us all.  How can energy work help you tap into this connection and healing potential?


Words and images give us the power to name, create relationship, express and honor, manifest and attract.  What words, sounds and images are you using to call in the highest version of yourself?


The complex web of life entails a dynamic flow of mutuality, of giving and receiving, of planting and harvesting; of offering and communion.  How can intentional ritual help you break the illusions of separation and isolation to one of belonging to the larger web and to the magic of it all?

Catherine's gentle nature and lovingly crafted space create a safe, nurturing environment to find authentic energetic healing and release. Her use of pure essential oils and mindfully selected crystals add an extra layer of sweetness and soothing to this beautiful, transforming experience.




About Me

Catherine Fixe Chapin


  • 20 years experience as a Mental Health Therapist 

  • 15 years experience as yoga instructor / body-centered therapist

  • Trilingual in English, French and Spanish and comfortable in multicultural dynamics

  • Trained in EMDR/2010, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy/2013

  • Member of International Association of Yoga Therapists since 2008

  • Bach Flower Remedies Certification - 2020 / Veronica Hidalgo Carle, Chile

  • Family Constellation Certification - 2020 / Angela Fontes, Mexico

  • Trauma-Informed Yoga Certificate 2007 / Emerson & Van Der Kolk

  • Certified Holistic Yoga Therapist TM  2017 / Annie Adamson 

  • Member of Yoga Alliance since 2004 - E-200RYT/500YRT

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) 2010 / Kimberly Carson

  • Mentorship in Spiritual Traditions of the Andes with Marcela Pantigozo, Peru / 2014 to present


Catherine started her journey as a mental health provider working with trauma and the Latino community.  She herself is an immigrant with her own story and struggle of becoming bicultural and creating a new identity.

A gymnast in her youth, she discovered yoga after an abdominal surgery left her weak and depleted. Yoga helped her regain her strength and flexibility and through meditation she also opened the door to exploring her spirituality. Twenty five years later, yoga therapeutics and yoga philosophy continue to be a great source of support for her transition into the middle stage of her life. 

In recent years she has been guided to reclaim and deepen her connection to earth medicine and energy work.  Her spiritual practice includes meditation, creating and holding altars and ceremonies, , shamanic journeying, plant medicine and more. She is very connected to Peru and its ancient healing practices and regularly travels there to study with her teacher and visit the sacred temples and land. 

My Approach

An Integrated Healing Approach:
Somatic, Emotional, Cognitive & Spiritual 

I offer a unique integrative healing modality that helps you access your authentic self and breaks away the illusions so that you may manifest your full divine potential. We all have our challenges, traumas and difficulties which make us feel separate and lacking. And we also have a healing system that fragments our bodies, our emotions, our minds and our spirits while isolating individual healing from the collective and from that of our planet. I believe that you are already whole, healed and wise. In our work together, you will identify, witness, listen and befriend the parts of yourself that have gotten lost in order to rediscover the wellbeing of your united and integrated self.

In order to rewire the brain and create new patterns, the more parts of the brain we access, the stronger the pathways become.  As the saying goes “neurons that fire together, wire together” and as a result, we will be using a variety of techniques to create new experiences on the physical, emotional , intellectual and spiritual realm. There are many doorways or pathways to the inner self and by honing in on a particular aspect of our being, be it bodywork; psychotherapy; energy healing; spiritual rituals; earth medicine etc we can strengthen the pathways necessary.  And I also believe that it is through the integration of these pathways that we transcend a linear individual healing process and make room for the real magic to come through, a healing that is also mutual, collective and universal. 


As an experienced mental health therapist, yoga therapist and energy healer, I believe that the body, heart, mind and spirit are 4 essential pathways we can use to strengthen and integrate.  In a session with me, you will explore one or several of these pathways and you will restore and enhance your resiliency and your ability to bring compassion, balance and equilibrium to the present moment in honor of your complete vibrant self. 

Offering you the opportunity to express your body, heart, mind and spirit to find your inner well-being. 

Sessions are $108 & UP

No insurance accepted at this time.

Limited sliding scale available


"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

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