I offer you 6 unique blends:

each potion of vibrational flower essences is made in a base of distilled water and alcohol and ceremonially crafted using sacred geometry, crystals and sound vibration.


PROTECT & REMEMBER Suggested for when you want to connect to the ancestors and connect to their wisdom, and protection. Helps with intergenerational healing and when you know you are carrying old family patterns. Ingredients: borage, nasturtium, gentian, mallow, saguaro, angelica


MOVING FORWARD Suggested for when you feel stuck in old patterns or are struggling to make decisions or follow through to support your goals. Helps with letting go of the old and brining in the new. Ingredients: cayenne, golden rod, wild oat, walnut, madia, star of Bethlehem


GROUND & HOLD Suggested for when you are feeling anxiety or fear. Supports the parasympathetic nervous system so you can slow down, pause and feel more ease. Ingredients: rock water, cosmos, pine, white chestnut, calla lilly, red chestnut


GATHER & RISE Suggested for when you are feeling depressed, low energy or have lost your spark. Helps bring you more energy and prepare you for movement and action. Ingredients: sweet chestnut, tansy, cherry plum, yerba santa, hyssop, columbine


CALM & CENTER Suggested for when you give too much, have low self-esteem or lack boundaries in relationships. Helps support a drawing in to discover and remember your true self. Ingredients: clematis, buttercup, sunflower, rosemary, centaury, aspen


SHARE & SHINE Suggested for when you want to connect with others, build community or share your gifts. Ingredients: larch, larkspur, mullein, quacking grass, pomegranate




A personal blend crafted just for you based on an intuitive flower remedy session - $90

(includes a phone session plus the potion without shipping)




One of the 6 special blends -

$20 each for local pick-up

$24 with shipping


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