I offer you 6 unique blends:

each potion of vibrational flower essences is made in a base of distilled water and alcohol and ceremonially crafted using sacred geometry, crystals and sound vibration.


One of the 6 special blends  - $20 each without shipping

An intuitive flower remedy reading to help you figure out which blend is best for you - $30

A personal blend crafted just for you based on an intuitive flower remedy session - $80

(includes a phone session plus the potion without shipping)


Flower essences do not and are never meant to replace professional medical assistance or psychiatric care. Always seek guidance from a qualified medical professional for your physical, emotional, cognitive or spiritual issues and concerns.  


 Come experience the heart medicine of  the wild and ancient Peruvian Chuncho cacao.  We will be exploring the blossoming of the heart through shamanic drumming, movement, flower medicine and community.


Due to COVID-19, these ceremonies are temporarily on hold until it is safe for us to gather safely.


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