• Clear energy that is ready to flow and transform;

  • Discover connections between the physical, emotional and spiritual;

  • Allow the medicine of the elements - Ether, Water, Fire, Wind and Earth to balance and heal you

  • Listen and receive messages, wisdom and support from spirit guides.

  • Co-create and manifest with intuition and deep listening;

(for up to 2400 square feet & within 15 min drive of downtown Portland)

Do you feel a heaviness in your space? 

Are you plants struggling to thrive? 

Are you having trouble sleeping or working?


This package is a great option for:

  • Honoring a space after moving in or out

  • Clearing space after a break up, death or illness

  • Reclaiming and repurposing space

  • To support your intentions attracting love, abundance etc.

Package includes: 1 session in your home or office (60-90 minutes) 

1. A ceremony to set intentions


2. Energy clearing of every room with smudging, sacred water and sound healing


3. A Feng Shui consultation




Are you feeling burnout?  Are you physically or emotionally drained? Have you recently been dealing with challenging people or situations?


In this session, we will clear your energy of any energies that don't belong to you or that are not in alignment with your highest self.  We will use plant medicine, smoke or water with plants such essential oils, flower essences and salt as well as an intuitive reading of your body. Sound such as drum and rattle may also be used to clear energy.  

This can be done at a distance.


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