Join Catherine Fixe Chapin of Laya Yoga and Sara Thomas of Wildflower Wellness in the creation of community circles and cultivation of your personal connection to the elements of Ether, Water, Wind, Fire, and Earth! Call in the magic and powerful teachings of the elements to enrich your physical, emotional, and spiritual life! Witness the elements within yourself through meditation and breath-work, language and sound, acupressure and movement, and the ritual and healing space of community.

Attendance space is limited and we encourage you  to explore all the elements, even and especially those you may not feel naturally drawn to. Catherine and Sara are excited to offer discounts for private sessions with sign up of multiple element circles.

PRICE - $49 per element


I am so honored to be sharing the essence of the wild and ancient, Peruvian Chuncho cacao.  With the support of this heart medicine, we will be exploring the process of heart blossoming: 

From the tight bud of vulnerability and fear, to the gentle opening of the bud in intimate sharing and finally to the honoring of the full bloom of self welcomed by community.

The ceremony will include shamanic drumming, movement and flower medicine.

PRICE - $39

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