Energy Clearing

 We will clear and align your energy using plant medicine smoke or water with plants, essential oils, flower essences and salt as well as an intuitive reading of your body. 

This can be done at a distance.

PRICE - $90

Ancestral Clearing

Do you have some family trauma or patterns you would like to clear or re-negotiate?  Do you feel like you are dealing with long-term patterns that are beyond just you and feel over-whelmed? An ancestral constellation ceremony can help.  

PRICE - $108

Table energy work

This work involves laying on a massage table and receiving light touch energy work. Plant medicine, light therapy and sound healing may also be used depending on your choice and what your body needs. I feel the energy in your body and help find pathways for excess or stuck energy  to move and find equilibrium.  

Not currently available due to COVID but you might like an intuitive flower essence reading

PRICE - $108

Space Clearing

You may want to clear the energy in your home or office:

  • After moving in or out;

  • After a break-up, death, or illness;

  • To reclaim and repurpose the space;

  • For better sleep, comfort and well-being;

  • For better support of your intentions

The package includes:

  • a ceremony to set intentions

  • energy clearing of every room with smudging, sacred water and sound healing

  • a Feng Shui consultation

  • crystal recommendations

PRICE - $149

(for up to 2,400 square feet and within 20 of downtown PDX)


Through work on this pathway you can:

  • Clear energy that is ready to flow and transform;

  • Witness and befriend resistance patterns and blockages;

  • Discover connections between the physical, emotional and spiritual;

  • Connect to the elements of Ether, Water, Fire, Wind and Earth and how their medicine and balance can heal you;

  • Experience plant medicine to support you. This includes essential oils, flower essence etc;

  • Open and clear chakras with light therapy;

  • Listen and receive messages, wisdom and support from spirit guides.

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