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  • 20 years experience as a yoga instructor / body-centered therapist

  • Trilingual in English, French and Spanish and comfortable in multicultural dynamics

  • Trained in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy/2013, EMDR/2010

  • Member of International Association of Yoga Therapists since 2008

  • FSM -  (Frequency Specific Microcurrent) - Shannon Goossen 2021

  • Bach Flower Certification - 2020 / Veronica Hidalgo Carle, Chile

  • Family Constellation Certification - 2020 / Angela Fontes, Mexico

  • Trauma-Informed Yoga Certificate 2007 / Emerson & Van Der Kolk

  • Certified Holistic Yoga Therapist TM  2017 / Annie Adamson 

  • Member of Yoga Alliance since 2004 - E-200RYT/500YRT

  • SSP - (Safe & Sound Protocol) - Stephen Porges 2021

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) 2010 / Kimberly Carson

  • Mentorship in Spiritual Traditions of the Andes with Marcela Pantigozo, Peru / 2014 to present


Catherine started her journey as a mental health provider working with trauma and the Latino community.  She herself is an immigrant with her own story and struggle of becoming bicultural and creating a new identity.

A gymnast in her youth, she discovered yoga after an abdominal surgery left her weak and depleted. This began her passion for exploring how we hold emotions in the body. Yoga helped her regain her strength and flexibility and through meditation she also opened the door to exploring her spirituality. Twenty five years later, yoga therapeutics and yoga philosophy continue to be a great source of support for her transition into the middle stage of her life as she heals from a ruptured lumbar disc and adjusts to her new body and being. 

In recent years she has been guided to reclaim and deepen her connection to earth medicine and energy work.  Her spiritual practice includes meditation, creating and holding altars and ceremonies, , shamanic journeying, plant medicine and more. She is very connected to Peru and its ancient healing practices and regularly travels there to study with her teacher and visit the sacred temples and land. 


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